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SRP Certification

You’ve worked hard.

The Standard Response Protocol is a foundational program in the spectrum of school safety. Annual certification is a clear demonstration of your commitment to your community.

To maintain the fidelity of implementation within an organization, the Foundation has developed a Certification program for organizations implementing the Standard Response Protocol. This is primarily a self-audit process with a local agency collaborating on and confirming the data. Certification is optional and is not required to use the SRP within your organization.

What’s it cost?

Organizational certification costs $1,000 per year and certifies that all schools within the district are implementing the SRP at the standards asserted in the self-audit. Organizations include school districts, agencies, companies and the like.

A school building may certify at the school level, regardless of the certification status of the district. The cost is $400 per year. Again, optional, but we include this opportunity based on Principals requesting the ability to chime in at the building level.

Private schools certification costs $400 per year.

I wanted to show my community that we take school safety seriously. What was unexpected is the fact that the self audit gave me some ideas on doing it even better.
Chris Zimmerman, Principal Cimarron Middle School.
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One more thing

The "I Love U Guys" Foundation has delivered ground breaking programs to schools, districts, departments, agencies and organizations, at no cost, for over a decade.

Proven effective, our programs are being used every day in tens of thousands of schools by millions of people. (Pretty astonishing.) That outcome garners a responsibility. A commitment to constantly evaluate and evolve our programs. A commitment to provide the programs at no cost.

But "no cost" isn’t free. It takes people and payroll and capital to ensure that we’re here today, and here tomorrow. Many non-profits rely on a donor base to keep the doors open. The "I Love U Guys" Foundation takes a different approach. A combination of earned income, our "Partner with Love" program, and solid reserves has demonstrated a long term sustainability model unique in the non profit sector.

Another spoke in the wheel

While Certification is another spoke in our sustainability wheel, it’s also 100% mission driven. Our intent is that the self-audit is not just an assessment, it’s an inspiration to do it better.

2020 Revenue and Reserves

Hard, but no hardship

The 2020 budget proved challenging. With in-person events falling off the calendar and uncertainty in the air, we ended the year at about half of our budget. While there were some hard moments, we were fortunate not to have hardships.

Four steps to completion

There are four steps to completing your self-audit. Structured as an online self-assessment form, a score of 127 is required for Certification. A score of 127 or higher indicates the organization completesthe core competencies necessary to successfully implement, train, drill and apply the actions and directives of the Standard Response Protocol.


Your Organization

Create your account and tell us about you and your organization.


Your Safety Umbrella

Tell us about your safety team and those in your community who support the safety of your organization


Self Audit

It’s a self-guided assessment of your SRP implementation.


Say it Out Loud

Once you achieve certification, you’ll also have the opportunity to encourage others in your neck of the woods to become certified and you’ll have access to promotional tools to help you tell the world about your commitment to safety.


Track your progress

Confirm Information

The "I Love U Guys" Foundation relies on data from a variety of sources. For private and public schools and districts, and higher education, we use data provided by the Department of Education.

DOE typically releases preliminary data in the first quarter and final data well into the second quarter of the year.

Status - In Progress

Meet the Progress Circles

As you advance through the certification process, the SRP Certification Progress Circles, in the lower right, will increase or decrease depending on your answers.

The outer circle shows your overall progress, the inner circle shows your current score. You can adjust the sliders below to show you how the circles will advance.

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Page Progress: 0

Score: 0

Task Values

Meet the Scores

Current / Maximum
Current Score out of 127 possible
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